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Magic Tree House Boxed Set: Books 1-28

Age: 6-12
Grade: Grade 1

When they are in the tree house, Jack and Annie only have to say those simple words and the tree house starts to spin, faster and faster...And then, poof! - the kids find themselves flying on the backs of dinosaurs, exploring the surface of the moon, and slipping down the deck of the Titanic.

Jack and Annie's first 28 adventures are now together in a collectible box that looks like the magic tree house itself!

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Magic Tree House Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

Age: 6-8
Grade: Grade 1
Summary: Your child will be whisked away to past eras when two siblings discover a tree house filled with enchanted books that transport them through time. From Ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages, these best-selling Chapter Books follow Jack and Annie as they enter the universe of books and set off on incredible adventures. This boxed set includes Books 1-4: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Knight at Dawn, Mummies in the Morning, and Pirates Past Noon.

Page Turners
Filled with simple language and illustrations that build reading confidence, these titles introduce history and show the power of books.

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Scholastic Classic Picturebook Value Collection Pack

Age: 3-8
Grade: Grade Pre-K
Summary: From classics you loved yourself as a kid (remember Clifford the big, red dog?) to more recent bestsellers (like No, David!, Giraffe’s Can’t Dance, and How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?), this carefully curated value pack of picturebooks is the smartest way to get the best read-out-loud books into their children’s hands (and a life-long love of reading into their hearts).

The Scholastic Classic Picturebook Value Collection includes:

  • Clifford Collection
  • Good Boy, Fergus!
  • Giraffes Can't Dance
  • How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
  • Zen Shorts
  • I SPY
  • No, David!
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    Junie B. Jones's First Boxed Set Ever! (1-4)

    Age: 6-8
    Grade: Grade 1
    Summary: Have you met Junie B. Jones? In this four-volume collection of her earliest tales, the spirited kindergartener faces a smelly school bus, deals with a new brother, shoots her mouth off in school, and spies on her teacher. Your beginning reader will love Junie's hilarious mishaps brought to life in bold illustrations and easy text she can handle on her own.

    Set includes:

  • Junie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky Spying
  • Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth
  • Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business
  • Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus
  • .

    Page Turners
    Junie's adventures will introduce the classroom and present issues like new siblings, spying, and eavesdropping.

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    Ramona: The Complete Ramona Box Set

    Age: 8-12
    Grade: Grades 2-4
    Summary: Kids everywhere feel connected to Ramona's unique way of looking at the world as she tries to adjust to new teachers, feels jealous about Susan's curls, and is secretly pleased by Yard Ape's teasing. The scrapes she gets herself into - like wearing pajamas to school or accidentally making egg yolk shampoo - are funny and heartwarming, and sometimes embarrassing. No matter what - Ramona's lively, curious spirit shines through.

    The appeal of the Beverly Cleary's stories about Ramona Quimby have never faded. For the first time, all eight of Beverly Cleary's Ramona titles are now included in one box set:

  • Beezus and Ramona
  • Ramona the Pest
  • Ramona the Brave
  • Ramona and Her Father
  • Ramona and Her Mother
  • Ramona Quimby, Age 8
  • Ramona Forever
  • Ramona's World
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    Judy Blume: The Complete Set of Fudge

    Age: 8-12
    Grade: Grade 3
    Summary: Fans young and old will laugh out loud at the irrepressible wit of Peter Hatcher, the hilarious antics of mischievous Fudge, and the unbreakable confidence of know-it-all Sheila Tubman in Judy Blume's five Fudge books, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, Superfudge, Fudge-a-Mania, and Double Fudge. Now all packaged together for the very first time, this collection of Fudge books will please lifelong fans and entice a whole new generation of Blume readers.

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    Rainbow Magic: Magical Holiday Boxed Set

    Age: 7-9
    Grade: Grades 2-3
    Summary: Just in time for the holidays, this magical boxed set includes four sparkly special editions!

    The holidays have lost their shimmer!

    There's trouble in Fairyland! Jack Frost is up to his old tricks. Now the fairies are missing their special holiday magic! Will the holly-jolly holidays be changed forever? Or can Rachel and Kirsty help Holly, Stella, Gabriella, and Paige save the day?

    This boxed set includes four holiday stories:

  • Holly the Christmas Fairy
  • Stella the Star Fairy
  • Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy
  • Paige the Christmas Play Fairy
  • A perfectly magical holiday gift for fairy fans!

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    Large Floppy Clifford

    Age: 2 and Up
    Grade: Grade Pre-K
    Summary: 22" floppy Clifford the Big Red Dogand#0174; stuffed dog, always high quality with attention to detail from Douglas Cuddle Toys.

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    Large Sitting Clifford

    Age: 2 and Up
    Grade: Grade Pre-K
    Summary: 15" sitting. Our large sitting Clifford the Big Red Dogand#0174; stuffed dog is ultra soft made with the utmost quality and detail from Douglas Toys.

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    Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection

    Age: 4-8
    Grade: Grade Pre-K
    Summary: A perfect gift for new parents, birthday celebrations, and happy occasions of all kinds, this collection of five beloved Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss.
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • Hop on Pop
  • and Fox in Socks
  • - will be cherished by young and old alike. Ideal for reading aloud or reading alone, they will begin a child on the adventure of a lifetime!

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    Learn to Tell Time ! Owly Clock

    Age: 3-7
    Grade: Grades Pre-K-2
    Summary: A double sided toy. On one side a clock with moving hands and removable, color code numbers. You can also flip the eyes from open to shut or have the owl wink at you! The second side is a chalk board clock where you can play telling time as well as practice your multipication tables. When not being used the chalk and eraser nest neatly in the orange feet for safe keeping.

    Available Formats:



    Flat Stanley Collection Box Set

    Age: 7-10
    Grade: Grade 2
    Summary: Collect four of Flat Stanleyand#39;s most memorable adventures in this delightful boxed set, featuring Jeff Brownand#39;s original stories and all-new art!andlt;pandgt;Four of Jeff Brownand#39;s original and beloved Flat Stanley adventures are sold together in this fun collection! These books have delighted kids, parents, and teachers for more than forty-five years. With new illustrations by gifted artist Macky Pamintuan, who is also bringing to life the all-new chapter book series, Flat Stanleyand#39;s Worldwide Adventures, Jeff Brownand#39;s imaginative tales are back and better (and flatter!) than ever!andlt;pandgt;This box set includes:andlt;pandgt;andlt;blandgt;andlt;liandgt;Flat Stanley: His Original Adventureandlt;liandgt;Stanley, Flat Again!andlt;liandgt;Stanley in Spaceandlt;liandgt;Invisible Stanleyandlt;/liandgt;andlt;/blandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;brandgt;andlt;bandgt;Contributors:andlt;/bandgt;andlt;pandgt;andlt;bandgt;Jeff Brownandlt;/bandgt; (1926-2003) created the beloved character of Flat Stanley as a bedtime story for his two sons. He wrote six books about the Lambchop familyand#39;s madcap adventures.

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